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This journal is no longer in use, in lieu of using this one I'll be using h3llc4t.
Friends have been ported over, so go there instead. It won't be deleted for posterity's sake, but will no longer be updated.

Let me show you my fcut styles.

My fcut styles, let me show you them.

Major cuts. Many of these were journals that were rarely posted on. If you think the cut was in error, let me know. Otherwise, peace out, bitches.
My most favorite piercer and one of the coolest people I know, Meg, will be leaving Beelistic Tattoo & Piercing this Friday, the 27th.

Those of you who know me know I take my modifications very seriously, and trust me when I say that this girl knows her shit. She is one of southern Ohio/northern KY's premier scarification, microdermal and scalpelling artists. (I say "one of" because I KNOW someone's going to go "Well, Artist X at Studio Y is good too!". Which is fine. But Meg still wins.) You can find some of her work at www.myspace.com/beelisticpiercing.

If you are considering a modification, I highly suggest you get your asses down to Cincinnati and visit her. For the rest of the week she is offering:
This week ONLY-

Microdermals are $80 with basic jewelry
Scarification is $100 per hour
Piercings done by Meg are $5 off the usual price

After the 27th, she will be off to the Big Apple, and then you'll just be SOL.

Beelistic is on 2510 West Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH. Their number is 513-221-8202.

What are you waiting for? Get your ass in the car!

Brainiac - Crane Game

This is intriguing. Those damn machines were the recipients of probably half of my allowance when I was a kid. I'd really be interested to see if this works.
I don't usually drink all that much coffee but I have most of this week off (fuck you, retail-week-after-Christmas) and I'm spending all week doing interviews, sewing and eBay. A litte go-go juice and strange sleep schedule won't kill me.
I go to plug the coffee maker in for the first time in maybe a month. No workies. I try again and jiggle the switch. Still no dice.
I switch the plug-ins around, I take the basket in and out, I even change the water. Why? Hell if I know, I did it anyway, and it didn't work.
At this point I am yelling at the coffee maker and hitting it randomly while wildly smacking at the switch hoping it will work.
It is at this point that I think to check and make sure that the cord isn't frayed and i'm not courting an electrical fire.
Pull the plug up....
I was attempting to get the toaster plug to do the coffee maker's work.
This is so pathetic that I'll even make it a public entry.


I got Monkey's Petsmart pictures back today...
Oh man. Collapse )

Sep. 23rd, 2006

Cuttin' down the friendslist.
Sorrys, dudes. I'm really trying to make this mostly people I know in real life. People who don't post often, that I don't really know, or old accounts of people who I *do* know are now cleaned.
If I made a boo-boo, holler.
10:48AM EST.
I would really, really love a Rename token. The age of turningallblue is coming to a close.

Apr. 11th, 2006

Know what I just realized?
That 90% of the hipster girls I see with that godawful razored black hair look just like they want to be Siouxie Sioux.
Except they can't be. And I'm glad.
My septum piercing is better than yours.
Leggings under skirts are not your invention, so stop pretending otherwise.
Your eyeshadow looks like shit.
You are not a small cute Japanese girl, so stop flashing the peace sign.
If you spent less time making "spontaneous" cute faces into the camera, then deleting the ones that turned out badly which you can't Photoshop the shit out of, maybe your life would be more fulfilling.

I'm glad I make my living selling you all overpriced clothes on your mommy's credit card. And don't try to shoplift from my store....because I will catch you. I already don't trust and dislike you, you fashioncore fucks, so don't push me.

Surprisingly, I'm not angry right now. I just wanted to make another public service announcement is all.
Thanks! I'm finished.

In public Uber announcements:
My life is good and my friends are amazing.
The end.


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